1. The Hidden Importance of Medical Care After Accidents

As a personal injury lawyer with years of experience, I often see victims prioritize car repairs or fixing their “baby” (read: car or motorcycle) over their own well-being after accidents. While understandable, neglecting your health can have severe consequences. Remember, you only get one chance to receive proper treatment for accident-related injuries.

2. Seeking Medical Attention, Even if You Feel Fine

While 67% of car accidents reportedly result in no injuries, a doctor’s checkup is crucial. Adrenaline can mask pain, and delayed injuries are common. Don’t settle claims too soon – wait until your body settles.

3. Why Proper Treatment Matters if You’re Injured

From neck strains to life-altering complications, accidents can cause a spectrum of injuries. Prompt and proper treatment is vital for healing, preventing future complications, and strengthening your claim against the responsible party. Medical records serve as crucial evidence, documenting the extent of your injuries.

4. Common Claims Adjuster Concerns Regarding Treatment

    • Gaps in treatment: Avoid exceeding two weeks between appointments unless doctor-ordered. Explain any unavoidable gaps to your lawyer.

    • Excessive treatment: Discuss your progress with your doctor to ensure your treatment aligns with established guidelines and is released at a reasonable timeframe.

    • Reasonable treatment: Adjusters may question the connection between your injuries and the accident’s severity. Emphasize the “mechanism of injury” and how it could have caused your specific pain.

5. Key Points for Optimal Treatment After a Personal Injury

    • Consistency: Attend appointments regularly unless instructed otherwise.

    • Compliance: Follow your doctor’s orders regarding therapy, rest, driving, and work restrictions.

    • Detailed communication: Be specific with your doctor about your pain and discomfort. Ensure everything is documented in medical records.

Remember, prioritizing your health after an accident is crucial. Even a single doctor visit can ensure your well-being and strengthen your claim. Don’t hesitate to seek a second opinion if you develop pain later. When it comes to personal injury claims, you only get one shot. Make it count by prioritizing your health and documenting everything.

About the Author Robert House

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